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RoboChartist is a technically advanced resource that scans and identifies hundreds of price patterns in the markets for you. It is 100% objective and can scan through thousands of charts in a glimpse to help you discover trading opportunities easier and earlier.


A chart pattern reflects the forces of buying demand and selling pressure. It is based on the assumption that certain patterns reappear and tend to produce similar outcomes, as human emotions being there to leave the footprints.


A candlestick pattern is a movement in prices shown graphically on a candlestick chart that some believe can predict market movement. Candlestick analysis is used to measure market emotions surrounding a stock.

Discover More Trading
Opportunities Earlier

RoboChartist empowers you with the technology that quickly scans price patterns to find all occurrences of trading opportunities ahead of other investors in the market. With RoboChartist, you could apply your strategies to more opportunities and instruments.

Comprehensive Platform for
Better Trading Decisions

The intuitive interface and visualization help you make easier and faster trading decisions based on technical analysis. With highlighted candlestick patterns and identified support levels and resistance levels of chart patterns on the charts, you could be aware of significant price levels for the instrument.

Beyond Limited Experience
of Human Chartist

The AI-driven RoboChartist is able to keep track of more instruments and data, and recognize patterns faster and more objectively beyond human capability. In addition, RoboChartist keeps learning and improving, providing more precise and more powerful charts for you.

Learn from Historical

Review up to five years of historical chart patterns and candlestick patterns. With RoboChartist, you could study historical performance of price patterns under different market conditions effortlessly and improve your trading strategies without risking cash.

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