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Challenges Facing Human Chartists

In many ways, traditional technical analysis is a visual discipline about identifying crowd behavior to make consistently profitable trades. Of course, crowd behavior can turn quickly, and behavioral trends can be difficult to identify given the volume and ambiguity of the data and the experience and emotions of the trader.

Volume of Data

Technical traders have access to more data than ever before. And with thousands of technical indicators and price patterns to consider on top of increasingly larger and diverse data sets, the volume of data to analyze and interpret can be overwhelming.

Time Constraints

Signals that indicate action can quickly change. Technical analysis, however, can require a tremendous amount of time to select the right tools, interpret and validate patterns, and rank tradeable ideas across even a handful of assets.


Technical traders can look at the same chart and draw different conclusions. What may appear as a textbook-perfect trend can conflict with several confirming indicators. The ambiguity of the data can present significant challenges in making timely and consistent decisions.


We are wired to find patterns, and we will find them whether they exist or not. Personality, ideology, and sensitivity to risk are different for every trader and influence trading decisions oftentimes in conflict with what the data suggests.

AI-Powered Chart Pattern Analysis

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are transforming the financial industry. RoboChartistTM introduces a truly unique AI-powered technical analysis platform that reads financial charts, identifies patterns, and predicts and ranks tradeable opportunities in an instant.

Discover More Trading Opportunities

RoboChartistTM empowers you with cutting edge technology to quickly scans price patterns across thousands of assets and technical indicators to identify trading opportunities ahead of other investors in the market. With RoboChartist, you can identify more opportunities across more instruments earlier than traditional charting tools.

Make More Informed Trading Decisions

The intuitive interface and visualization helps you make easier and faster trading decisions based on technical analysis. With highlighted candlestick patterns and identified support and resistance levels on all charts, users can easily identify significant price levels for every trading instrument.

Gain Access to More Data

The AI-driven RoboChartist can track more instruments and recognize more price patterns faster and more objectively than human capability. And with powerful machine learning technology, RoboChartistTM continues to learn and improve, providing more insights with more precision over time.

Learn From Historical Patterns

Review up to five years of historical chart patterns and candlestick patterns. With RoboChartist, you can study the historical performance of price patterns under different market conditions effortlessly, and improve your trading strategies without risking cash.

Product Features

RoboChartistTM integrates traditional charting tools with cutting edge AI-powered chart pattern analysis to offer an unparalleled technical analysis platform. Scan thousands of technical indicators and chart patterns instantly with automated pattern recognition and rank trading opportunities with the AI-Powered Decision AssistantTM to discover or validate actionable insights.

16 Classic Chart Patterns

RoboChartistTM encompasses more than 10 classic stock price forms. Advanced image recognition technology scans the price patterns of various assets in real time, helping analysis to detect price changes earlier and capture more trading opportunities.
  • Double Bottom
  • Head & Shoulders
  • Triple Bottom
  • Bear Flag
  • Double Top
  • Head & Shoulders Bottom
  • Triple Top
  • Bull Flag

70+ Candlestick Patterns

AI-driven RoboChartistTM contains nearly a hundred variations of candlestick patterns, far beyond the manual efficiency of rapid and objective identifications of mass price data, to help analysts identify trading opportunities.
  • Three White Soldier
  • Hammer
  • Evening Star
  • Hanging Man
  • Morning Star
  • Evening Doji Star
  • Morning Doji Star
  • Shooting Star Two Candle


Based on historical K-line data and K-Charts real-time day and minute scan, users can view technical indicators up to 5 years out based on Bayesian network frequency and winning percentage analysis to optimize trading strategies.

AI-Powered Chart Pattern Analysis

  • Scan hundreds of price patterns and thousands of charts in an instant
  • Gain superior pattern insights with DeepChartsTM interactive overlays
  • Identify more opportunities in less time with AI-Powered Decision AssistantTM
  • Analyze all major asset classes including cryptocurrencies

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